Dear Members and Friends of the Inner Light Center

Blessings beyond measure to all of you this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year! This has been a year of continued growth at the Inner Light Center, which has allowed us to become a truly Transformational Community. The bright rays of light that shone from all of you, whether active or in spirit, have allowed the Inner Light Center to become a spiritual center to all who seek to enhance their spiritual self development and empowerment, and enjoy the fellowship of like-minded spirits.

Words alone cannot express how grateful we are to you for your kind generosity and donations throughout the year that continue to support the Inner Light Center. Your contributions help us provide a safe and loving environment for each of us on our unique, Spiritual journeys.

In times of challenge and success, I reflect on these words of affirmation to guide my actions:

I am grateful to Spirit for all the abundance, blessings, and opportunities to serve that entered and continue to enter my life. I am grateful in advance for this abundant supply and give sincere thanks for it, for I know these are not by coincidence or accident. I know without a doubt that they are the result of the good that so lovingly flows through me and that I share with others. I know that all my needs are met through Divine Guidance and my right-action. I am blessed. I am abundant. I am compassionate. I am Love.

I invite you to reflect on these words and feel the blessings of gratitude and the sense of peace and joy that the Inner Light Center family brings to you. Allow that feeling to guide you to offer a special year-end financial gift donation. Your donations help us to continue to be that Transformational Community of Light for all. This year we have made it easier for you to exercise an additional, tax-deductible donation. You may submit your donation by clicking on the “Donate” icon (below) and selecting your preferred method of payment submission (Credit Card or PayPal).

You may also mail your donation (checks made payable to the “Inner Light Center”) to:

Inner Light Center
P.O. Box 572093
Murray, UT 84157-2093

I thank you in advance for your gift and know that your generosity returns to you and  blesses your life many times over.

In Love and Light, always.

Bill Radinger, President, Board of Administrators

Inner Light Center

Spiritual Theme 2015

“Expressing a Vision of Splendor and Glory”

January Theme: “Universal Love”
February Theme: “Planting the Seed of Infinite Possibility”

Special Donations

If you would like to make a special donation, please visit the “Donations/Gratitude” tab.


A Numerology workshop for 2015.
Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Ellen Vlasic

Calculate your personal numerology cycle

See Rev. Ellen Vlasic’s article,
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Beginning in January. The LAST FRIDAY, EACH MONTH; 7 pm. Tired of the gratuitous violence and inane plots of commercial cinemas? Join us for uplifting messages with a true spiritual meaning. . . . and PIZZA!!! Love offerings gratefully accepted.

Where Are We Located?

Inner Light Center/Inner Light Institute
4408 S. 500 E.
Salt Lake City, UT

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Our Mailing Address

Inner Light Center
P.O. Box 572093
Murray, UT 84157-2093