2015 Abundance Blessing

2015 Abundance Blessing

A Prayer Treatment for Abundance  Consciousness for the Inner Light Community for 2015 and Beyond… 

(A Prayer by Rev. Jo Anne Casey – in first person)

Beloved Spirit, Divine Source, The Infinite Divine Principle is everywhere present, all-knowing, creative power, Sacred Unity,  I recognize that Spirit is Harmony, Love, Beauty, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Life, and Higher Consciousness.

I know that I AM one with all that Spirit is.  Each individual in the Inner Light Community is one with all that Spirit is –  the Infinite Creative Intelligent Force,  the Ineffable abundant Source. 

From this place of knowing Sacred Unity, I claim that the abundance of Spirit is my abundance.  The abundance, goodness, beauty and love of Spirit flows into my life and permeates every aspect of my being and my life…

I AM benevolent

I AM compassionate

I AM an enlightened visionary and I see the Highest Truth for all.

I AM courageous, strong and filled with Inner Power.

I AM balanced, whole and integrated with THE ONE.

I AM tuned in to the Triumphant Spirit within me.

I CELEBRATE the beauty and richness of Nature and Spirit, the changing and the changeless, the fleeting and the Eternal.

I KNOW the true meaning of prosperity and success and manifest it in my life, Now.

And so it is.  Thank you Wonderful God.

Spiritual Theme 2015

“Expressing a Vision of Splendor and Glory”

January Theme: “Universal Love”
February Theme: “Planting the Seed of Infinite Possibility”

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A Numerology workshop for 2015.
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