Ministers Messages

Ministers Messages

 ”Happy New Year 2015″

by Rev. JoAnne Casey

Dear Inner Light Friends,

As we celebrate the new year with fireworks and joyful gatherings, we also welcome the new energy of 2015. The eight energy lifts us into a new, golden octave of light and the theme for 2015 which is: “Expressing a Vision of Splendor and Glory. In my mind’s eye, I see and feel the splendor and glory of the Limitless Light, Life and Love that send energy showers of shining brilliance to bless us all. I feel the resplendent beauty of all creation and let my heart be lifted, strengthened and healed in the luminous vibration.

I feel a double challenge from Spirit. The first challenge is to see or create a vision of what a year of splendor and glory might be like for me personally and the possibilities that might express the empowering, invigorating energy in my life. The second part of the challenge is to take steps to manifest them. I extend this challenge to you, to the ILC community and beyond. I invite you to see the highest vision for yourself, your loved ones, humanity and the earth. Then, BE THE VISION. Love the vision. Love it into a full and wonderful expression. Share it with the world.

Whatever is going on “out there,” hold your highest vision and open to your highest guidance as you/we live it together; share it in vibrant, joyful community, and let the splendor and glory that we are multiply exponentially.

It is my dream that we will each open to Universal Love and its perfect expression in us and through us in myriad ways; that we will recognize and engage full-heartedly with the Highest God force that is everywhere present; that seeds of limitless possibilities and potential within us awaken, grow and blossom as we nourish them with spiritual light infusions, and that the inner and outer work we have done over the last cycle will propel us into the bright golden field of higher octaves of expression.

May we all have a magnificent, blissful, triumphant and prosperous and blessed 2015.

Rev. Jo Anne

by Rev. Ellen Vlasic

This is a year to say, with all your Inner Power:




“The vibration 26/8 has been referred to as “the highest God Force energy on the Planet.’” (Jeanne Morris). That means, wherever you find the 26/8 operating, you will find a total expression of what the Human is capable of. It is an expression of God that takes place in the world of form. From the formless (the quantum field) we bring forth form.

Expressing the Numerology of God creates the number “26/8”

G = 7 + 0 = 15 + D = 4 + = 26/8

26/8 is a Benevolent Energy: “Good, Kind, Humane, Generous, Philanthropic, Altruistic, Doing good, Charitable, Brilliant, Magnificence, Great brightness, Brilliant Light, Great praise, Honor, Distinction, Resplendent, Beauty, Absolute happiness, Splendor, Bliss, and Heavenly.” (Source:

This vibration represents rebirth, regeneration, and resurrection, (arising from all false beliefs and fears), and hearing the inner call. This energy sustains us with Inner Power, Strength, and Courage, a triumphant balance. These are all attributes of 26/8.

Last year, 2014, we were under the influence of vibration 7, going within, choosing solitude, silence and nature. Opening to dreams, visions, and revelations of the sweet mysteries of life . . . “The Inner Journey.” This year is the year of demonstrating, manifesting in the outer world. The 7 year has been a preparation for this year of expressing the highest and best of ourselves. A year indeed to EXPRESS A COLLECTIVE VISION OF SPLENDOR AND GLORY.

We live in a cyclical universe that operates in rhythms of 9. Every year has its own vibration which indicates the trend of events for that year. This is the vibration that influences the whole Universe. Each year will have it’s own vibrational influence from one to nine.

We all have our personal cycle number that brings more harmony when we balance the Universal Year with our Personal Year Cycle.

Month of Birth; Day of Birth; Current Year
 EX: March 9, 2015
3 + 9 + 26 = 38
3 + 8 = (11) 1 + 1 =  2
(A number “2” year)

Keywords for each of the nine year cycles will help you to understand your Personal Year Cycle as well as the Universal “Eight” Year.

  1. Leader, Originator, Sacred Seed, Planter of the Seed.
  2. Nurture, Receptive, Open Channel, Peace, Balance, Unifier
  3. Creative Power, Fertility, Trinity
  4. Foundation Builder, Birther of forms.
  5. Free Spirit, Life Force, Physical Energy, Body Wisdom, Progression
  6. The Sensitive, Comforter, Healer, Divine Union
  7. Wisdom Seeker, Spiritual Journey, deep thinker.
  8. Diviner of Harmony, Inner Power and Authority, Harvest
  9. Humanitarian, Way Shower, Compassion, Completions

10/1.  New Paradigm, Higher Sphere, Enlightened Leader.

Spiritual Theme 2015

“Expressing a Vision of Splendor and Glory”

January Theme: “Universal Love”
February Theme: “Planting the Seed of Infinite Possibility”

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